The Future of Travel: Spain to Morocco by Train

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  Imagine boarding a train in Spain and arriving in Morocco, all in one smooth journey. That dream may soon be a reality with plans for a direct railway connection between the two countries. Bridging Continents: The Vision The proposed railway line aims to link Algeciras in Spain and Tangier in Morocco, fostering stronger ties […]

China Pledges to Support Diversification of Angola’s Economy

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In recent strategic moves aimed at strengthening international alliances and fostering economic development, China has expressed a desire to play a significant role in diversifying Angola’s economy. During a state visit by Angola’s President João Lourenço to Beijing, Chinese President Xi Jinping made commitments that could shape the future of Angola’s economic landscape. The oil-rich […]
kenya Economy ARKAD plus

Kenya Set to Climb the Economic Ladder in Sub-Saharan Africa

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Kenya is poised to make a significant stride in its economic standing within sub-Saharan Africa, anticipated to surpass Angola and secure its position as the fourth largest economy in the region. This forecast by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) also suggests that Kenya will maintain this rank through to 2029. In a remarkable display of […]

Breaking Barriers: Eswatini and the DRC Leverage TOAM to Streamline Trade

Est. Reading: 2 minutes
Businesses in Eswatini and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) are on the cusp of a significant breakthrough in trade facilitation. The introduction of the Trade Obstacle Alert Mechanism (TOAM) signals a transformative step towards simplified cross-border commerce. In the heart of Southern Africa, Eswatini’s strategic approach to digitalizing economic interactions received a notable […]
employment costs in Morocco

How much do Employees Cost in Morocco

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The most basic employee costs in Morocco are fees such as social security, income tax (paid for by the employer), and employer contribution. They break down as follows: However, thanks to the 2023 Finance Law, the company can benefit from a total exemption from income tax and a partial exemption on social security contributions through […]
Casablanca port

Morocco offers Subsidies to Incentivise doing Business

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These subsidies are within the framework of the investment charter initiated by the Government. This charter establishes, in certain cases, subsidies for investors based on job creation criteria, and/or the amount of the overall investment. Below are the provisions for subsidies: Main dispositions: subsidies up to 30% of the investment amount Five Communal subsidies Territorial […]
Finance Law Morocco 2023 what are Corporate Taxes

The New Finance Law 2023

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The 2023 Finance Law expects an economic growth rate of 4.5% in 2023, after growth estimated at 1.5% in 2022. At the same time, the focus is on the flagship projects that the Government intends to launch or continue this year, particularly in terms of investment and the improvement of the business climate in Morocco. […]
Business Entity in Morocco by ARKAD Plus

What are the Business Entities that can be established in Morocco by Foreign Nationals

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Foreign nationals can operate in Morocco either by creating a company under Moroccan law, by choosing the SARL (the equivalent of the LLC) or the SA (the equivalent of a Corporation). They can also establish a representative entity of a Foreign company, in this case, for tax purposes, these entities are qualified as permanent establishments […]
USA First Foreign Investor in Morocco

United States to Become First Foreign Investor in Morocco

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Morocco received 6.3 billion dirhams (MMDH) or 578 million dollars of investments from the United States during the first 6 months of 2022. Over the past decade, U.S. foreign direct investment (FDI) in Morocco has steadily increased from MAD 1.5 billion ($214 million based on the exchange rate at the time at the end of […]
Morocco Procurement Public Tenders

Public Procurement: Morocco to Digitize the Entire Process

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Starting from November 2022, the digitized filing of business offers and the opening of bids as well as the digitization of the financial deposits required within the framework of Public procurement will become compulsory for contracts of 5 MDH (USD 0.5m) and more, while the bidders for contracts worth 2 MDH (USD 0.2m) and more […]
KSA Morocco shipping ling

Exports: Morocco and Saudi Arabia to launch a direct shipping line

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A shipping line will be opened between Morocco and Saudi Arabia in the coming weeks to inject new momentum into economic cooperation and trade between the two kingdoms. The Federation of Saudi Chambers signed an agreement with a shipping company to set up a direct line between Morocco and Saudi Arabia, following the work of […]
Before you export to Morocco

Export to Morocco: Maximum Permissible Levels of Pesticide Residues in Food

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Below is the official reference to know the maximum permissible levels of pesticide residues in food, relevant to Morocco. Respecting the tolerance levels indicated in the memo that can be found in the above link, or in this PDF, can prevent losses for both the exporter and the importer of vegetable or animal products.
Silver Mining in Morocco

Silver Mining: Record year for Canadian Aya Gold & Silver miner in Morocco

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With a 29% increase in its annual production to 1.2 million ounces of silver, the operator of the Zgounder mine (in the Agadir region), the company listed on the Toronto stock exchange has unveiled results at the end of September 2021 most positive. Also, Aya Gold & Silver, whose only mine in operation to date […]
A $10 billion Investment in Green Hydrogen and Ammonia in Morocco

A $10 billion Investment in Green Hydrogen and Ammonia in Morocco

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Morocco was presented as one of the five countries best placed to become the main producers of hydrogen in the world, alongside Australia, Chile, Saudi Arabia and the United States, according to the publication of the results of the International Renewable Energy Agency survey “Geopolitics of energy transformation: the hydrogen factor”. The Kingdom should be […]
Moroccan map

What is Really the Correct Map of Morocco?

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The correct Moroccan map comprises the country from Tangier to Lagouira.  Morocco controls the wide country from Tangier to Lagouira, from North to South, and from Tangier to Saaidia, from West to East, providing security, hospitals, schools the airports, etc. All facilities, equipments and authorities are funded by the Moroccan government, without involving any other […]

Dakhla: Development of a Strategic Trade Hub for North and West Africa.

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Dakhla, located in the south of Morocco, known worldwide for its turquoise lagoon and kitesurfing spot, should position itself as a strategic trade hub for North and West Africa. According to the British firm Oxford Business Group, “The Dakhla Atlantique port complex comprises 1000 ha for various industrial, logistical, administrative and storage activities. The port […]

New Industrial Zone in Grand Marrakech to Welcome New Investment Projects

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As part of the development of economic activity in the Marrakech-Safi region, and in order to offer a structured and competitive land offer, the Regional Investment Center of Marrakech Safi is launching, in partnership with the local stakeholders, a Call for projects to acquire lots from the Sidi Bouathmane Industrial Park, whose goal is to […]
Morocco to incentivise organic production

Morocco to Incentivize Organic Production

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The demand for organic products is constantly growing. All over the world this market is changing. It is even one of the few growing sectors in the food market, according to experts. To better position itself in this environment, Morocco is drawing up a development plan for the organic sector aimed at establishing strategic intervention […]
FDI Foreign Direct Investments into Morocco

Top Five FDI Countries in Morocco in the First Semester of 2021

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Top Five FDI Countries in Morocco in the First Semester of 2021 Morocco, strategically located less than a few hours from Europe, is one of the most dynamic countries in the African continent. The Moroccan Foreign Exchange Office explains that  FDI revenue were established at $2.7 Bn at the end of October 2021 against $2.4 Bn […]


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