Dakhla: Development of a Strategic Trade Hub for North and West Africa.

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Dakhla, located in the south of Morocco, known worldwide for its turquoise lagoon and kitesurfing spot, should position itself as a strategic trade hub for North and West Africa.

According to the British firm Oxford Business Group, “The Dakhla Atlantique port complex comprises 1000 ha for various industrial, logistical, administrative and storage activities. The port and its commercial outlets will consume a large amount of electricity, which offers enormous opportunities for public and private investment in renewable energies”, explains the British firm.

“Dakhla’s growing infrastructure will pave the way for dramatic transformation over the next decade. In the coming years, Dakhla will be one of the main routes for African trade”, explains Aziz Eddoubi, director of the Dakhla-Oued Eddahab Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services, quoted by the report.

While the United States has announced investments of $ 3 billion, Oxford Business Group believes that American investors now have a vested interest in expanding their activities in North and West Africa through the city of Dakhla. “The opening of more than ten consulates in Dakhla over the past two years clearly shows the expected dynamism of the region and the growth that commercial activities should take, especially with its African neighbors”, specify the authors of the report

For international investors, the Dakhla region is full of long-term growth potential, notably through efforts to improve the business environment and support the development of strategic sectors.

“Morocco has invested significantly at the national level to improve its digital ecosystem. In 2020, the Digital Development Agency set up a roadmap of 5 billion dirhams in order to reduce the digital divide and accelerate the development of the digital economy”, explains the research office.

More details can be found on the report in this link: https://oxfordbusinessgroup.com/news/focus-report-investment-opportunities-morocco-dakhla-region

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Dakhla: Development of a Strategic Trade Hub for North and West Africa.
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