Case Studies

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Explore our example of case studies to see how we have helped clients overcome challenges, achieve their goals, and drive meaningful results.

Case Studies

Case Studies

Although we don't reveal the identity of our clients, we want to let you explore how our solutions were applied in specific cases, while we keep in mind that every client's needs are unique, and so is how we tailor our offer. 

Thorough Implementation in Moroccan Industrial Zone

ARKAD Plus supported in the signing of a framework agreement between the Minister of Industry and its client for the manufacturing of lampposts in Morocco, which was followed by the company formation, the preparation and submission of the business plan as per the Moroccan investment framework, as well as its bookkeeping, meetings with government officers and investment funds.

Feasibility Studies for Specific Sectors

ARKAD Plus performed market analysis for companies targeting Morocco not just for commercial development, but also for their geographical expansion, hence, with acute expertise on each sector, we prepared reports containing the competitive framework, prices practiced, cost structures, the regulatory framework and all other specific details useful for their expansion.

Sourcing Suppliers for Export from Morocco

ARKAD Plus was approached for export of agricultural produce from Morocco, due to their international renowned reputation, for export to Eastern Europe. We managed to find verified suppliers with access to several farmers capable of merging several quantities to correspond to the needs of the enquirer, by also collaborating with experts in agriculture to ensure the quality and the standards are in line with the requirements.

Benchmark for IT Outsourcing

ARKAD Plus delivered data, legal information, costs of doing business and all costs related to recruitment and dismissals in Morocco as part of a benchmark with other countries to support with informed decisions with regards to recruiting and outsourcing the full stack development of software.

Company Formation and Bookkeeping

ARKAD Plus supported a group of foreign investors in collecting the paperwork needed for company formation in Morocco, established the company and is also supporting with its tax return and bookkeeping.

Coaching on Personal Development

ARKAD Plus supported job seekers by coaching them as part of cohorts led by an NGO, for the purpose of helping them land jobs by conducting mock interviews followed by recommendations on how to improve their performance and also how to prepare for their career.


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