A $10 billion Investment in Green Hydrogen and Ammonia in Morocco

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A $10 billion Investment in Green Hydrogen and Ammonia in Morocco

Morocco was presented as one of the five countries best placed to become the main producers of hydrogen in the world, alongside Australia, Chile, Saudi Arabia and the United States, according to the publication of the results of the International Renewable Energy Agency survey “Geopolitics of energy transformation: the hydrogen factor”. The Kingdom should be able to influence prices, given the supportive policies and the availability of renewable energy.

An investment of 100 billion dirhams ($10Bn) by Total Eren, planned in Morocco, illustrates these forecasts and propels Morocco as a leading country in green hydrogen. 

Total Eren, the subsidiary dedicated to renewable energies of TotalEnergies, in Guelmim-Oued Noun, wishes to carry out a hybrid project for the production of hydrogen and green ammonia of 10 GW, mainly coupled with electric wind turbines.

Concept hydrogen propulsion in road transport

Thanks to this investment, Morocco will be actively contributing to a net-zero carbon world. 

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A $10 billion Investment in Green Hydrogen and Ammonia in Morocco
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