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We will Focus solely on What works !

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We will go through all your business and your system to check what works best and what can be improved

Evergreen Strategies

We will train you on what has always worked regardless of the mediums and their tech advancements

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We make sure that you embed the takeaways in your behavior and mindset so you keep on the right track

Sales System

Everything functions with a system, and so should your business, to be set to generate the desired outcomes even after you have completed the programme.

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There is no obligation of a minimum capital for limited liability companies (SARL). However, the capital blocking formality is only justified for companies whose capital exceeds the threshold of 100,000.00 Dh

The equivalent of a Limited Liability in Morocco is SARL, Société à Responsabilité Limitée. If it counts one single associate, it is called SARL AU, where AU stands for “Associé Unique”.

Foreign nationals can operate in Morocco either by creating a company under Moroccan law, by choosing the SARL (the equivalent of the LLC) or the SA (the equivalent of a Corporation). They can also establish a representative entity of a Foreign company, in this case, for tax purposes, these entities are qualified as permanent establishments (branch, liaison office, coordination office, a subsidiary, etc.).

More details on the legal entities, as well as their definitions, can be found in this link: in a new tab)

As a foreign investment in Morocco, it is understood that the latter generated a financial or real asset in Morocco, by foreign companies in Morocco, foreign nationals (both resident and non resident), and Moroccans residing abroad.

These investments benefit, when they are financed in foreign currencies, from a convertibility regime which guarantees the investors complete freedom to:

  • Transfer the income produced by these investments;
  • Transfer the proceeds of liquidation or sale of their investments.

Morocco offers subsidies up to 30% of the investment amount, within the framework of the New Investment Charter 2023. Criteria to benefit from them can be found in this link:

Companies pay corporate tax, VAT, tax on dividends, income tax on salaries, withholding tax on import of services, and others depending on the activity.

Companies under Casablanca Finance City Status have a total exemption from the Corporate Taxe during the first 5 consecutive fiscal years, starting from the first fiscal year of granting of the status.

It should be noted that the company can benefit from a total exemption from income tax and a partial exemption on social security contributions through various programs offered by Morocco for the encouragement of investment and recruitment.

Other taxes can apply depending on the activities, such as purchasing or selling assets, etc.

We also advise you to take a look at the New Finance Law 2023 in this link:


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